Board of Directors Meeting – May 2009

Title: RMAG May Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jay Leaver, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2009, p. 17

The Board of Directors met on May 20th in the conference room of the University Building. We try hard to keep these meetings under two hours duration, but there has been a lot of business recently so we have been supplementing the regular monthly meeting with sporadic teleconferences. Jim Mullarkey has been scheduling these early enough in the morning that I get to take notes in my bathrobe.

One might suppose that the impending AAPG Convention (impending as I write, that is — it’ll be over and done as you read this) would provide ample fodder for long morning pre-coffee teleconferences. However, the Convention occupies a relatively small portion of our time since Sandi Pellissier, Josh Robbins and the various committees have it perking along smoothly, with only minimal kibbitizing from the Board. During the meeting, we determined what price to set for our favorite RMAG publications at the Convention and evaluated the enrollment of the short courses and field trips. We speculated on ways and means to get more people to sign up for the courses and trips, but Jim insists on being ethical about this, which really puts a damper on the ol’ idea factory.

Outside of Convention business, we have tried to come up with a way of showing our appreciation for Randy Ray and Bill Pearson for all of the good effort they’ve put in over the years as co-chairs of the 3D Seismic Symposia. Randy insists that any money we might spend on him would be better spent on the Organization, and he has pugnaciously refused to accept our proffered gift cards and other blandishments. But you can’t stop me from saying “Thank You” in this column, Randy, so there!

Josh and Sandi have found it to be very useful to have a dedicated ftp site, and wanted RMAG to pay for a permanent site. While we at the Board were busy trying to figure out what an “ftp site” is and why it should interfere with our morning donut routine, Josh Robbins’ father was kind enough to make a donation covering one year of ftp service. Thank you very much, Mr. Robbins!

(By the way, an ftp site offers a relatively secure way to transfer large digital files over the internet, and is very useful when dealing with authors, reviewers, and the AAPG and other security-conscious bureaucracies).

Another thorny issue is accreditation for courses offered by RMAG. This is the AAPG’s idea, and right off the top it looks like a lot of work for the relatively small number of courses we offer. But there could be benefits to having our courses accredited, and so it’s something that we may have to put before the membership. Heads up, everyone!

And finally, as the economic downturn grinds on, RMAG is still doing well financially. We made some money on the 3D Symposium, and lost a little on the Tips and Tricks short course. We would have lost more, but Sandi sweet-talked the Marriott into giving us a discount. This is the first RMAG short course to have lost money in a long time, and obviously we don’t want that to continue, but someone floated the notion that occasionally we might offer things to the membership that might be useful to them even if not particularly profitable to us. Hmmm. I’ll need some more coffee while that idea settles in.

The next properly scheduled BOD Meetings (where I am expected to be properly attired) will be Wednesday, June 17, followed by July 15 and August 12. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.