Board of Directors Meeting – April 2009

Title: RMAG April Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Jay Leaver, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2009, p. 17

The Board of Directors met on April 15th in the conference room of the University Building.

Tricia Beaver came by, and discussed the slate of nominees for the AAPG Awards. The results of the discussion need to be kept confidential, but we are pleased with the quality of the nominees and are confident the AAPG will be too.

After Tricia’s presentation, Bill Houston, Annika Holmgren, Alexandra Fleming, and Erica Jeung came by to give a review of the “Big Happy Hour” as well as the activities of the RMAG NeoGeos, and the Next Generation Oil & Gas Professionals (NGOGP), and how they are coordinating with other young professional groups in the area, including geophysicists, engineers, accountants, and land people. Bill is transferring some of his organizational tasks onto the shoulders of Erica (Big Happy Hour), Annika (NGOGP) and Alexandra (NeoGeos). It would be a benefit to the NGOGP if billing and banking for events and socials could be coordinated through a central organization, as RMAG presently does for the NeoGeos, and RMAG is the best around. Sandi Pellissier said this was simple to do, with all the help they were getting from the Neo-Geos and other groups. The Board approved RMAG fulfilling this function.

It is wonderful to see the energy and enthusiasm in this youthful group, who are now undergoing their first pricing downturn – which is a bit too much like hazing for my tastes. I hope we all make a special effort to encourage and support new blood in the industry – even though this may be difficult as so much old blood is being shed.

Financially, RMAG remains strong, but we are waiting to see how the Tricks and Tips short course and AAPG meeting turn out. The Board reviewed the AAPG’s budget summary for the RMAG hosted AAPG Annual meeting in Denver (June 7 – 10, 2009) and approved the Agreement to jointly (RMAG & AAPG) conduct this year’s Annual Convention and Exhibition. The office move was accomplished fairly smoothly – many, many thanks to John Robinson for coordinating this action. Additional thanks go to Spence Flournoy for coordinating assistance as well as, of course, Sandi and Josh.

The next BOD Meetings will be Wednesday, May 20, followed by June 17 and July 15. Any member interested is welcome to attend.