AAPG Imperial Barrel Award: The Results

Title: AAPG Imperial Barrel Award: The Results

Author: Cat Campbell

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2009, p. 17

The North Sea was this year’s field of evaluation for the Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Imperial Barrel Award competition. Teams from Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado competed to convince the judges of the viability of the hydrocarbon potential of the Barents Sea despite limited data and only an eight week preparation time.

Paul Weimer and the University of Colorado Team; top row (left to right): Sait Baytok, Andrew Fuhrmann. Bottom row (left to right): Rachel Shaak, Alicia Hewlett, Joe Nicolette. Photo by Rachel Shaak

The Imperial Barrel Award is an international graduate level student competition providing students the opportunity to work with real world data and face the challenges of presenting conclusions to leading field experts. Students review the data, determine a recommendation, and put together a 25 minute talk to be presented at regional competitions, with the winners continuing on to the international level at the yearly AAPG meeting. Both students and judges gain from the experience, with industry exposure and recruiting opportunities respectively.

This year, Paul Weimer’s team from the University of Colorado will represent the Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG at the international competition after defeating the Colorado School of Mines on April 10th in a very close and impressive first round. The RMAG would like to extend congratulations to both teams and wish University of Colorado luck.