Geographix or Petra Tips and Tricks – Short Course, April 2009

Short Course Title: Geographix or Petra Tips and Tricks

Date: April 20, 2009

Abstract Published in: The Outcrop, March 2009, p. 29

Join us for a day of tips and tricks of distilled wisdom for these two industry dominant geoscience programs. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your productivity using your software of choice! The workflows described will be hard earned how to’s and shortcuts from active users of the software. No vaporware promises here. There will be separate classrooms for each software and you can go back and forth if you are an ambidextrous mapmaker. Your choice of a Geographix or a Petra notebook documenting the workflows will be provided to each student. You can buy the other notebook if you are a bi user. Lecturers for the Petra section are Bob Cluff (The Discovery Group), Dean DuBois (Encana) and Jewel Wellborn (Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development, Inc). Lecturers for the Geographix section are Bill Lyons (Anadarko Petroleum), Laura Mauro (Questar), Mike Mullen (Halliburton) and Fred Poland (Geographix). If your company is interested in providing a sponsorship gift for this guaranteed to be a well attended short course, please contact the RMAG office for more information (303) 573-8621.