Board of Directors Meeting – December 2008

Title: RMAG December Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Nick Harris, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, February 2009, p. 13

The 2008 Board of Directors met on December 12. This was the annual joint meeting with the incoming 2009 Board and marked the transition from one administration to the next. Although the incoming board members do not vote in this joint meeting, they are briefed on the status of budgets, publications, continuing education events, and RMAG office business; those board members moving into specific functions like Secretary and Treasurer observed the roles of those officers in the meeting.

At the meeting, the 2008 Treasurer John Ladd and 2009 President Jim Mullarkey presented the preliminary 2009 budget, which requires approval by the 2009 board. This budget is essentially even with that of 2008, which seems sensible in light of decreased oil and gas prices. RMAG budgets started rising rapidly in 2004, at the same time membership (and commodity prices) began to rise. While we don’t anticipate a sharp decline in membership, we nonetheless have to prepare for this possibility. Much of the budget is tied up in Continuing Education events, which can be scaled back if necessary. RMAG also has an investment account, which can be drawn on if necessary to shield the staff and operations for extended time.

At the meeting, Kurt Reisser reviewed plans for Continuing Education events for 2009. It will be a very full slate, with a number of short courses, the spring 3D Seismic Symposium and the fall Symposium on resource plays. The major event will, of course, be the AAPG National Meeting in June, which RMAG will host. There are also several new publications in preparation, including a forthcoming guidebook on the Paradox Basin. In the future, there will be guidebooks issued on resource plays and structural applications in the Rocky Mountains, the latter to be co-published with AAPG.

It’s been an interesting, satisfying and sometimes entertaining experience for me to have served as RMAG Secretary for 2008. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing all of you down the road.