President’s Column – December 2001

Title: Final Words

Author: Susan Landon

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2001, p. 3, 5

I find it difficult to believe that this is my last column of the year! It seems like just yesterday that I was wondering what I would say for each of the twelve months. Although those of you who know me well appreciate that I am seldom am at a loss for words.

This has generally been a very good year for our industry—Rockies gas in particular—and, therefore, it has been a very good year for RMAG. Our membership is growing as we broke 2000 again and continue to climb. I would like to thank some of the many members that helped make this a great year. RMAG is fortunate to have a small army of active volunteers that make things happen and my apologies to anyone that I may accidentally forget in these thanks.

The RMAG Luncheons have presented a variety of worthwhile lectures, thanks to Dean DuBois. We hosted two useful and well-presented symposia: the 7th annual 3D Seismic Symposium with the Denver Geophysical Society (DGS), and Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs of the Rocky Mountain Region with PTTC. I thank Randy Ray and Chuck Kluth for organizing these events. Jewel Wellborn is our Continuing Education Chairman and played a major role in getting the Structural Symposium organized. Butch Butler and his committee staged another successful Prospect Fair and Technofest with the DGS and the Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen (DAPL). Our Executive Director, Sandi Pellissier, admitted that she loves to entertain and RMAG benefits from her skills.

Networking (social) events continue to be successful. The Golf Tournament was a sell-out and, even though my foursome and I spent part of the afternoon in the clubhouse waiting for the lightning to abate, we had a wonderful game. Jeff Ware continues to provide a well-organized event despite this year’s rain. I think that a margarita actually improved my game! The Rockbusters Ball honored our 2001 awardees in appropriate style and we can thank Bob LaMarre for the good food and festivities.

Of course the big event of 2001 for RMAG and our members was the AAPG Annual Convention. Steve Sonnenberg and his committees organized an incredibly successful Convention. Thank you to each of the volunteers, speakers, short course leaders, and field trip leaders. RMAG will receive approximately $190,000 from the event. Of course, if the price of gas and oil had dropped, we would have been worried about being able to break even. Sometimes we take the risk and it pays off! With this money, we plan to establish a $10,000 account to provide funds for future computer upgrades, office furniture, and other items to improve RMAG’s ability to serve the membership. Most of the remainder of the income from the convention will be put into our investment account to provide for a stable future for the Association. Some of you may remember that RMAG struggled financially during past years of industry slumps.

The Outcrop got a new look this year as it was guided by Co-editors Jane Estes-Jackson, Donna Anderson, and Terri Olson. The trio has produced an interesting and valuable newsletter for our membership. Michele Bishop has been a patient and thorough editor of The Mountain Geologist and worked with the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge to publish a special June issue on the geology of the Ridge. Since it was published in time for the AAPG Convention, RMAG has already sold more than half of the Gas in the Rockies books printed and that project is already in the black. Editors were Donna Anderson, John Robinson, Jane Estes-Jackson, and Ed Coalson. Of course, Jim Mullarkey, as Publications Committee Chairman, provided guidance and advice to all of us. A special thanks also goes to the Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Foundation for their generous support of our publications.

Check out our award-winning website——developed by Bret Siepman, who provided our current webmaster, Stew Squires, with a difficult act to follow.
Some 2001 Board Highlights: we bought a workhorse of a copy machine for the office, we adopted the first RMAG policy statement on Public Lands (Larry Anna has been a very effective Public Issues Chairman), we approved financial guidelines for activities to maintain budget goals, we met with the Denver Geophysical Society Board to examine more opportunities for joint efforts, and we dealt with the day to day business of the Association.

My job this year has been made easier by the great group of Board Members that I have the privilege to work with. John Robinson, President­ Elect, and Steve Reynolds, Treasurer, have kept us on the right financial path; Sue Cluff, Secretary, keeps me straight on what really happened at the Board meetings; Elmo Brown, 1st Vice President, has been a critical link to the Publications Committee; Spence Flournoy, 2nd Vice President, has entertained us at the luncheons; and Ben Law and Mark Longman, Counselors, have been there with good advice all year. Last but certainly not least, Sandi Pellissier, our Executive Director, has been our foundation and my friend and adviser through the year.

Thank you all.