First Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship Awarded

Title: First Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship Awarded

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2001, p. 20

On September 21, 2001, at the regular RMAG Luncheon Meeting, the first Norman H. Foster Scholarship Award was presented.

Janet Foster was present to award the first Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship. Andrew W. Taylor, of Utah State University, was the recipient.

Norm Foster was one of RMAG’s most prestigious members. He was a leader in the Denver community, an outstanding and successful explorer, and, for over 40 years, a highly respected member of both RMAG and AAPG. He gave freely of his time to both organizations, served in many capacities, including as president of both, and received the highest honors each association could bestow upon him.

After Norm’s passing in 1999, his friends searched for a fitting way to keep his memory alive. They decided to establish a memorial fund to provide financial help to student geologists working in the Rocky Mountains. The Norman H. Foster Memorial Fund was established in August of 2000, within the RMAG Foundation. Thanks to contributions from over one hundred of Norm’s friends and business associates, many of them RMAG members, over $100,000 in donations were obtained in less than six months. Many people contributed generously to the fund, including Norm’s family. Then, in December of 2000, Norm’s long-time friends, Nancy and Don Todd, matched all contributions made to that time.

In making their choice of a recipient, the selection committee followed the scholarship’s statement of purpose, which reads:

The Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship shall be awarded annually by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Foundation to encourage and support creative research in applied petroleum geology by a current graduate student. The recipient shall have demonstrated the ability and intent to utilize various exploration techniques to locate structural or stratigraphic habitats for oil or gas. The application of innovative techniques or methods for exploration and/or field development, including fieldwork as an adjunct to subsurface interpretation, will be given special consideration.

The first recipient of the Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship is Andrew W. Taylor, a graduate student at Utah State University. Andrew received a B.S. degree from the University of Iowa, where he earned several honors including Phi Beta Kappa and AAPG’s L. Austin Weeks undergraduate award. He chose to study under Dr. Bradley D. Ritts at Utah State and will research the three-dimensional character of lacustrine reservoir analogs in Eocene rocks of the Uinta Basin. His goal is to follow a career in education or industry.

Andrew was presented a check from the Foundation in the amount of $2,500.00. Present to make the award was Janet Foster.