Board of Directors Meeting – September 2001

Title: Highlights of the September RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Sue Cluff

Publication: The Outcrop, November 2001, p. 16

The Board had a short business meeting on September 18, followed by a joint meeting with the officers of the Denver Geophysical Society.

The Finance committee wants to invest more of our cash monies and has been meeting with our investment broker to discuss a financial strategy. There is much uncertainty in the aftermath of the events of September 11. The Finance committee plans on graduated deposits to hedge on trends.

The Board approved a number of motions including the approval of nominations for professional awards and the acceptance of the permissions policy for RMAG publications proposed by Mark Longman and Donna Anderson.

The Publications committee discussed a Piceance Basin guidebook for 2003. Michele Bishop plans to step down as editor of The Mountain Geologist and a new editor is being sought.

The boards of both RMAG and DGS believe there is room for a number of joint events. We already co-sponsor the Golf Tournament, the 3D Symposium, the Prospect Fair and Technofest, and the Distinguished speaker. It was suggested that we have joint meetings in the summer when attendance is generally down. We plan to purchase a computer projector jointly. We also plan to more prominently link our websites and have reciprocal announcements. We feel that joint discounts for events may encourage more memberships in both organizations. There are many opportunities for cooperation between the two organizations.