Governor Love Signs Colorado Geological Survey Bill

Title: An Event of Significance to Science: Governor Love Signs Colorado Geological Survey Bill
Publication: RMAG Newsletter, July 1967, p. 1-2

Governor Love (seated) signs legislation.

Governor John A. Love formally signed House Bill 1282 Friday afternoon June 9, 1967 at 4:30 PM. “An Act Concerning The Colorado Geological Survey”, which, for the first time in thirty-eight years, reactivates this scientific and technological body on Colorado natural resources, is an act of great importance for the development of Colorado’s mineral resources.

Shown with the Governor at the signing in the executive chambers at the capitol are (left to right): Maury Travis, RMAG Publicity Chairman; James W. Nance, AIPG member of Joint Committee on Colorado Geological Survey; Earl G. Griffith, RMAG President; Richard M. Lemke, President, Denver Section of AEG; Herman T. Schassberger (hidden), representing Robert Pearson, President, Colorado Scientific Society; Robert D. Brace, Chairman of the Joint Committee; George R. Downs, President, Colorado Section AIPG; State Representative George H. Fentress, sponsor of the bill with thirty state representatives; Martin J. Deuth, AIPG member of the Joint Committee, and John B. Riggs, representing Leo Borasio, President, Colorado Section AIME. Also present, but not shown, was Robert M. Lindvall, CSS member of the Joint Committee. Photo by Jack Rathbone.