Scholarship Established to Honor Thomas Mazza

Title: Scholarship Established to Honor Thomas Mazza

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2001, p. 16

Scott Tinker has set up a scholarship fund to honor Tom Mazza, the geologist and member who died in a skiing accident earlier this year. Contributions to the fund to date total over $4000. If contributions reach $7500, the SEG Foundation will match them for a total of $15,000, and an annual scholarship of $1000 will be granted to a college student every year in perpetuity. If contributions equal $ 15,000 or more, the SEG Foundation will match them for a total of $30,000, and there will be two $1000 scholarships annually.

The scholarship will be named the Thomas A. Mazza Memorial Scholarship. The first $1000 scholarship will be granted to a “full-time earth science graduate student in a U.S. University specializing in the interpretation of reflection seismic data.” If gifts exceed $15,000, the second $1000 scholarship will be dedicated to a full-time undergraduate or graduate earth science student at Penn State University (Tom’s alma mater).

Scott notes “I discussed this with Peggy, and we believe that this is a very nice way to honor Tom’s name in perpetuity, recognize his dedication to the earth sciences, and provide opportunity for young people to enter into the profession.”

Your gifts are tax deductible, and a note from SEG will be sent to Peggy Mazza acknowledging each gift. According to Scott, “We can reach the $15,000 goal one stone at a time. It means a lot to Peg and the girls, and to Tom’s family.”

If you’d like to donate to this scholarship fund, make checks payable to the SEG Foundation. Note on the check “Thomas A. Mazza Memorial Scholarship,” and send to Ms. Phyllis Connor, SEG Foundation, P O. Box 702740, Tulsa, OK, 74170-2740. Contact Scott Tinker with questions about the fund (