Geo-Golfers Strike Like Lightning!

Title: Geo-Golfers Strike Like Lightning!: PM Weather Causes Delay, But Play Completed

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2001, p. 1, 10-12

For most folks, Monday, July 23rd started sunny and pleasant, like most summer days in Denver, and ended like so many have this year, with parts of the metro area receiving flooding rains.

Of course, if you are on the RMAG/DGS Golf Tournament Committee, it started with cursing the alarm clock at 4:30 a.m, quickly followed by endless prayers to the Gods of Golf and Weather for the storms to take a day off. This transitioned to anxiety as the afternoon clouds were building, along with begging the rain and lightning to go north or south. Surely the golfers on the course were rooting for the clouds to veer off, too. By day’s end, there was nothing left but words of thanks to the same deities for not washing 144 afternoon players off the course. That, and some Rolaids.

Here’s the short summary…

Great weather for the AM group… friendly cart girls to trade you a ticket for a cold beer or a soda… excellent food…lots of great door prizes…lots of shopping in the pro shop with prize winnings.

It was the same song, second verse for the PM group, all except the weather part. Most golfers experienced a one hour delay, with the lucky ones in the clubhouse, and those less fortunate stuck out in the remote shelters. Play resumed and finished, followed by dinner, which was well worth the wait, as the Raccoon Creek staff had it hot and ready when the teams made it in just ahead of darkness.

The results…

Congratulations to your new RMAG/DGS champs, the team of Ray Buckley, Tom Clark, Lee Buckley and Dan Buckley. They beat the team of Ron Mackey, Larry Beck, Todd Smith and Bart Lunsford by virtue of a tiebreaker (determined by the RC pro shop), after both teams shot 63 in the Championship flight, playing from the blue tees. Full results are posted on the DGS website,

Alas, no one made a hole-in-one, so nobody was able to drive away in the new Dodge pickup, or win plane tickets, cash or clubs. Maybe next year. Lance Sims was the winner of the putting contest, collecting a 3-day, 2-night vacation as first prize. Special congratulations go to Genia Jennings, Cindy Stewart, Lee Buckley and Paul Melynchenko for winning the inaugural Club Throwing contest. This event provided lots of chuckles and, along with the putting contest and the Scholarship hole, raised some well deserved funds for the two scholarship funds.

Well deserved words of gratitude…

THE STAFF at Raccoon Creek Golf Course did another great job getting the 2001 RMAG/DGS Golf Tournament started, played, and finished under some difficult circumstances. A maximum field of golfers and an hour or so of rain and lightning mid-afternoon pushed the course and the facilities to capacity. They deserve a big hand.

Most certainly, ALL THE PLAYERS get a big pat on the back for moving around the course so fast. As most of you know, the tournament filled extra fast this year, and in order to minimize the waiting list, the Committee put two foursomes on all 18 holes, both morning and afternoon. This could have slowed the pace of play to mutiny levels, unless teams played quickly and efficiently. You did. Thanks.

(Please note: the Committee is reviewing options to allow more players to participate next year, including the possibility of moving to a 27-hole facility.)

Special thanks go to all the AFTERNOON PLAYERS. Forty-five minutes in a rain shelter at the far end of the course is not anyone’s idea of a good time, but everybody came out smiling, ready to either tee it up or head to the bar. Either way, good attitudes prevailed. Well done.

See you all next year, and remember to tell our sponsors, listed on the following pages, “THANKS”.