Distinguished Service Award 2001

Award: Distinguished Service Award

Awardee: Frank P. Sonnenberg

Citation Published in: The Outcrop, November 2001, p. 13

Frank P Sonnenberg grew up in the Cincinnati area and was the first from Eagle Scout Harrison, Ohio. His scoutmaster encouraged trips to pan gold and to collect geodes and other minerals, giving Frank’s interest in geology an early start.

Frank attended the University of Cincinnati, where he received BA and MS degrees in Geology. He did his MS thesis under the direction of Gordon Rittenhouse, and was elected to Sigma Xi and Sigma Gamma Epsilon.

Following graduation, Frank worked for Amerada, Chaco Petroleum, Onion of Texas, Champlin Petroleum, Michigan Wisconsin, and Natural Resources Corporation in various managerial capacities and in many parts of the world. He became a Denver-based consulting geologist in 1984.

Frank Sonnenberg has had a long record of service to AAPG, RMAG, and the geologic community. Since joining AAPG in 1948, Frank has served on the Boy Scout, Research, and Environmental committees, and has been a member of the Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) and the House of Delegates. Honors bestowed upon him include the DPA Distinguished Service Award (1994) and the AAPG Pioneer Award (2000). Frank is a Past President and founder of the Billings (now Montana) Geological Society and the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society in Singapore. He is a member of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, the American Institute of Professional Geologists, The Geological Society of America, SEPM, The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, The Houston Geological Society, The Montana Geological Society, and The Wyoming Geological Society.

Frank’s many contributions to RMAG include service on the Publications and Sales committee (1965-66), awards committee (1995-2001) and as a Councilor from (1998-99).

In recognition of long and outstanding service to the RMAG and the geologic profession, RMAG is pleased to designate Frank P. Sonnenberg as recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for 2001.