Board of Directors Meetings, June & July 2001

Title: Highlights of the June and July RMAG Board Meetings

Author: Sue Cluff

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2001, p. 10

Because the AAPG national convention was held here in early June, our “June” board meeting was on May 29. This meeting was fairly brief and was mainly a review of our upcoming AAPG activities and the disposition of the RMAG booth at AAPG. At that point in time both the Gas In the Rockies volume and the special Dinosaur Ridge issue of the Mountain Geologist were available for review and sale at the convention. The Rocky Mountain Section AAPG Foundation paid for the reproduction of an Open File Report by James Peterson, which was available for sale at the RMAG booth.

The July board meeting was held on July 22. As of July 13, our membership was 2043, the highest it has been since 1985. A number of people joined at the convention. Book sales at the convention were phenomenal. In May and June, RMAG sold over $12,000 worth of books, including 259 volumes of Gas in the Rockies, over half of our press run.

The financial report for the first 6 months of the year was presented by Steve Reynolds. We are doing better than budgeted on all fronts. Basically, the petroleum industry is healthy and RMAG is prospering. Our investments even increased about 4%, amazing in the current investment environment, because they are invested conservatively.

The Board passed a motion increasing the late membership fee to $3.00.

Susan Landon has suggested that RMAG sponsor a field conference in 2003. AIPG and the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) will be holding their 2003 annual meeting in Glenwood Springs the last weekend in September. We could co-sponsor a field symposium with possibilities in the Piceance Basin, geologic hazards. etc.

Some 2002 events have already been scheduled. The 3D Seismic Symposium will be held in mid-February and the Coalbed Methane Symposium will be in June.