Board of Directors Meeting, August 2001

Title: Highlights of the August RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Sue Cluff

Publication: The Outcrop, October 2001, p. 16

Our August board meeting was held August 22 at the RMAG office. Membership stands at 2,027, with 127 new members. The Gas in the Rockies guidebook continues to sell briskly and the Mountains and Canyons volume has just about sold out.

Our fiscal year continues to be profitable. The RMAG/DGS Golf Tournament was profitable to RMAG, DGS and our scholarship funds. We anticipate receiving a check from AAPG in the near future for our portion of the annual convention profits. We are not sure exactly how much RMAG will receive but AAPG reports that short courses and field trips did quite well.

The Board voted to extend Sean Morgan’s tenure in the office until February. In the meantime, John Robinson and Elma Brown are forming an ad-hoc committee to begin the search for a new office employee. We would like the new hire to train as Sandi’s assistant so that when Sandi retires, we will have a smooth transition.

The Board approved the budgets of both the tennis tournament and the fall symposium. The topic of the fall symposium will be Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Mark Longman and Donna Anderson put together a permission policy for the use of RMAG publications based in part on advice solicited by Susan from GSA and AAPG. The Board reviewed the policy favorably and passed it on to the publications committee.

The Board has been approached by the Association of Petroleum Geochemical Explorationists (APGE), who would like to become affiliated with RMAG. Susan Landon is researching our by-laws to see if this is feasible.

The board voted to sponsor one of the Dinosaur Ridge Dinosaur Discovery Days in the summer of 2002.

Susan has suggested co-sponsoring a distinguished lecturer with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and also having an RMAG family night at the museum.