An Open Letter of Thanks to Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Members and Denver Area Geologists

Title: An Open Letter of Thanks to Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Members and Denver Area Geologists

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2001, p. 12

The Wyoming Geological Association has completed and started distributing the Powder River Basin 2000 field Symposium, a premier basin source of data for conventional oil and gas fields and coalbed methane. Every one of the contributing professional participants should be proud.

A list of RMAG and Denver area authors follows, and we, the editors and chairmen, would like to thank each individual. Your personal effort and/or companies’ time and expense are appreciated very much.

Greg Anderson, Tom Brown, Inc.

John Barwin, Consulting Geologist

Karen Dean, Robert L. Bayless Producer, LLC

John Dunnewald, Bishop Petroleum Co.

Robert Groth, G & H Production Co., LLC

Gary Hall, Independent

Stephen Harpham,  Ensign Operating Co.

Jeanne Harris, G & H Production co., LLC

Connie Hawkins, Hawkins Assoc., LLC

Walt King, Engineering Consultant

Al Lange, Consulting Geologist

Dave Majewski, Fancher Oil Co.

Kerry Phelps, Cavalier Petroleum Corp.

Robb Pickard, Lario Oil and Gas Co.

Ken Roberts, Star Resources Exploration LLC

Tim Schowalter, D.C. Dudley & Assoc.

Craig Settle, Consulting Geologist

Paul Slack, Wildhorse Exploration

David Wheeler, Ensign Operating Co.

Craig Settle was selected to receive one of the four best field-study awards. The award was based on voluntary effort, timeliness, number of fields, quality of data, and map presentation. Craig, we give you our wholehearted thanks.

Professional well being still exists in the geologic community, and sharing your knowledge the rest of the profession is most appreciated.



Don Cardinal, Co-Editor

Wally Stewart, Co-Editor (deceased)

Dean Stillwell, Co-Editar





Terry Miller, Co-Chairman

Andy Finley, Co-Chairman