Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs of the Rocky Mountain Region

Symposium Title: Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs of the Rocky Mountain Region

Sponsored by: RMAG and PTTC

Date: October 1, 2001

Announced in: The Outcrop, August 2001, p. 9

Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs of the Rocky Mountain Region will be a forum to introduce and discuss new tools, techniques and case studies that have added valuable understanding to the region. The tools and techniques will range from workstation applications to basic tools that are readily available and easily used. The Case studies will show new data and interpretations of fractured reservoirs and trap geometry in three dimensions. Presentations will be 30-minute talks and there will be poster sessions.

The topics to be discussed are:

  • Structural trap types in the Rocky Mountain Foreland
  • Structural traps in the Thrust Belt
  • Production from fractured reservoirs
  • New techniques for fracture prediction
  • Case studies of fractured reservoirs of individual fields
  • New lechniques for analysis of structural trap geometry in the Rocky Mountain Region
  • New seismic processing and interpretation techniques for the detection of fractured reservoirs
  • The use of dipmeter data in interpreting structural traps


The following speakers are anticipated:

Steve Laubach, University of Texas, Austin

Ron Nelson, BP

Peter Hennings, Phillips

Wayne Narr, Chevron

Don Stone, Sherwood Exploration

Eric Erslev, Colorado State University

Jim Coogan, Anschutes

Bob Ratliffe, Geo-Logic Systems

Symposium Coordinator: Chuck Kluth, Chevron