President’s Column – July 2001

Title: Giving Thanks, or Why RMAG can accomplish so much!

Author: Susan Landon

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2001, p. 3, 5

My year as President has reached the halfway mark, much to my surprise. With the AAPG Convention over and the Golf Tournament just around the corner, it seems like an appropriate time to give public thanks to all of those people that work to make these things possible.

Let’s start with the office. If you haven’t dropped by lately, it has had a facelift thanks to Sandi Pellissier, our Executive Director. We are fortunate to have Sandi running our office (and keeping the Officers in line.)

The main line of communication between RMAG and its membership is The Outcrop, our monthly newsletter. Ed Coalson has done a great job of editing the newsletter. It continues to be interesting and full of useful information. We welcome Jane Estes-Jackson, Donna Anderson, and Terri Olson as the new editors and appreciate their enthusiasm for continuing the standard that Ed has set. The new editors produced an attractive and informative convention issue, with a contemporary new look (Editors’note: Debbie Everton, our layout artist, is responsible for the new look of The Outcrop). The editors are supported by a committee that helps generate the ideas and articles for each issue of the newsletter but they are always looking for new ideas and material. Give Jane, Donna, or Terri a call to volunteer. I especially want to thank Mike Brondos. After an RMAG luncheon where I had made an appeal for someone that enjoyed making cold calls to help with advertising for The Outcrop, Mike came forward. He and Sandi have done an amazing job of increasing financial support for the newsletter.

As you may recall from my first column, the by-laws of RMAG indicate that one of our main purposes is to promote our science. We have three primary methods to achieve this goal. The first is our Friday luncheon program. Dean DuBois continues to supply interesting speakers. Jewel Wellborn and her Continuing Education Committee have used last year’s member survey to identify timely symposia. Publications are the third component. The Mountain Geologist, a well-respected scientific journal, is edited by Michele Bishop. This year RMAG will publish two significant books, Gas In the Rockies and Coalbed Methane. These publications represent the planning and work of the Publications Committee chaired by Jim Mullarkey and, specifically the editors: Donna Anderson, John Robinson, Jane Estes-Jackson, Ed Coalson, Steve Schwochow, and Vito Nuccio. Our publications did very well at the recent convention, and Sandi reports that we sold a total of 219 publications (including 146 copies of Gas in the Rockies) and signed up 19 new members!

The wildly-successful AAPG convention last month can also be regarded as part of our charge to promote our science. The RMAG had the opportunity to showcase our beautiful location and the impressive gas potential of the Rockies. RMAG is in debt to Steve Sonnenberg and his army of committee members that laid the ground work for the meeting. I don’t know about you but I had a great time, too.

Speaking of having fun, I am looking forward to the golf toumament, while the rest of my foursome is explaining to their friends that the reason they play with me is that it is more fun than renting “Caddyshack”. Jeff Ware is the Chairman of this joint event with DGS, and the Committee has done a wonderful job of planning a great day at Raccoon Creek. Of course the highlight of the year is the Rockbusters’ Ball. After many years of Peter Moreland’s creative leadership, this year Bob LaMarre will lead the Committee. For those of you who know to expect good food and lots of fun, we will see you there! For those of you who haven’t discovered this great evening, join us this year. It provides the ideal opportunity to honor special RMAG members as we present the annual awards.

RMAG also provides business support to the membership by organizing the Prospect Fair and Technofest. With the DAPL and the DGS, RMAG hosts a very successful event each fall. Butch Butler has been particularly instrumental in organizing and managing this event again this year. Politically, Larry Anna keeps us informed on issues that impact our community.

Of course, I will have several opportunities to thank my fellow board members at the end of the year but they are a great group to work with. Spence, Elmo, John, Sue, Steve, Ben, and Mark actually make the monthly Board meetings fun. Thanks also to ALL of the volunteers that keep RMAG successful at providing quality products and services to our membership.