GeoLand Ski Day 2001

Title: GeoLandSki Day 2001

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2001, p. 8, 11

A great time was had by all who participated in this years GeoLandSki day 2001. On Friday, March 9th, a hardy group of geologist, geophysicists, and landmen and were comfortably transported by bus to Copper Mountain Resort. This year’s trip was another great day of skiing and socializing at one of the premier annual RMAG events. A group of over 100 downhill and cross-country skiers was greeted by warm temperatures and some great snow conditions. (Except for the couple from Qwest that got on the wrong bus!) This was one of the best ski days we’ve had in the past few years.

This year’s Nastar race found Charles Goodin taking first place with a time of 44 seconds and he was awarded a Copper Mountain lift ticket. Lou Bortz was second overall with a time of 46 seconds and Jack Edwards was third at 49 seconds. After a full day of skiing an Apres Ski Party was held in the new East Village Lodge from with great food and drinks being served as well as awards and door prizes being given out. Everyone who participated this year was given a GeoLandSki Day long sleeved t-shirt. This year’s trip was hosted by both the RMAG and DAPL. Chris Gough was chairman for the RMAG and Jim Peay and John Obourn were co-chairmen for the DAPL. Also, thanks to Sandy Simon (DAPL), for all her help.

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors listed below who make this annual event possible. Thanks to Dennis Lopez for serving the juice and snack bars donated by Odwalla. This event is a great opportunity to promote better camaraderie for both company employees and RMAG/DAPL association members. If you weren’t able to participate in this year’s outing, consider joining us next year for a company sponsored ski day. This is a great way of saying thanks to your employees.

To those who did attend this year’s GeoLandSki Day, thank you for your participation and we hope to see you again next year!