Board of Directors Meeting – April 2001

Title: RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Sue Cluff, RMAG Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2001, p. 14

The RMAG Board April meeting was held May 2; the May meeting was on May 29. Highlights of the May 29th meeting can be found in next month’s Outcrop.

As of May 2, our membership was up to 1921, compared to 1749 the same time last year. After an article in The Outcrop described the Nevada geologic maps prepared by Gene Howard (donated by his estate), many copies of the maps were purchased. RMAG has now sold a total of 35 sets.

Susan Landon reported on meeting with AAPG to discuss RMAG’s participation in AAPEX, the prospect fair that AAPG plans to co-sponsor in Houston in late August. The Board approved a motion to extend free advertising in The Outcrop for AAPEX. In exchange, RMAG will receive a share of the proceeds for every RMAG member who either attends or exhibits at the show.

Hal Kellogg reported the status of the RMAG Foundation. The Foundation had a busy year including on a number of awards given to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in geology at Colorado universities, science fair awards, and the Teacher of the Year award. In addition, they made a grant to Linda Flis for her video series on petroleum industry history. They are also administering the Norman H. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund, which raised over $100,000 last year (see related article on page 12).

The Board also approved a fall symposium that was suggested by the Continuing Education committee. Chuck Kluth will chair a symposium called RMAG Structural Traps and Fractured Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain Region.