NeoGeo: [n] a new member of the professional geoscience industry

Title: NeoGeo: [n] a new member of the professional geoscience industry

Author: Cat Campbell

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2009, p. 29

NeoGeos at the Marlowe’s happy hour, from left, Katie Ransbottom, Becky Kowalski, Raffaello Sacerdoti, and Rick Nelson.

A new generation of geoscientists is steadily making its way into the industry allowing for new and unique networking and idea exchange opportunities. RMAG, in response to this flux of recently graduated professionals, created an extension known as the NeoGeos. The first formal meeting of this group took place on September 10th, at Earls, and was greeted with success! Leah Crosier, the contact for the NeoGeos says, “People enjoyed getting to catch up with their former classmates, colleagues and friends.”

This new branch of RMAG joins Next Generation Landmen from DAPL, Young Professionals of SPE, from SPE, and groups from DGS and COPAS in the overall Next Generation Oil and Gas Professionals group, whose objectives include interdisciplinary outreach and networking events designed to create an active core of young professionals who will someday be the leaders of our industry. A happy hour event was held by the larger group on November 13, with over 300 young professionals in attendance.

If you are new to the industry and are interested in becoming part of this group or just want to learn more, please contact Leah Crosier at or Alexandra Fleming at Also, sponsorship opportunities exist if your company would like to take part in this growing community! Several happy hours and other events including volunteering projects are planned for 2009.