Board of Directors Meeting – November 2008

Title: RMAG November Board of Directors Meeting

Author: Nick Harris, Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2009, p. 13

While the 2009 Board will approve the RMAG budget for next year, the 2008 Board is responsible for preparing a preliminary budget. In our last meeting, we debated this preliminary budget and recommended one that is similar to the current year’s budget. Although we noted concerns relating to the recent drop in oil prices, it is our judgment that RMAG is exposed to limited risk in major areas of expenditure, specifically symposia and short courses. Although one year’s record doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the following year, we have had a strong 2008 with substantial gains in membership, strong attendance at technical events, and a positive balance sheet. In 2009, RMAG will also receive significant income from the Rocky Mountain Section – AAPG meeting held last summer.

Progress was reported on several publications: the Paradox Basin guidebook should be published early next year; the Uinta Basin guidebook has received sufficient sponsorship to pay for the volume; and the Board approved a guidebook with a focus on structural geology applied to petroleum exploration for publication in 2011. Planning for technical events for 2009 is also well underway, including the 3D Seismic Symposium and the Fall Symposium on resource plays, and a variety of short courses. The first of these courses will be in January – a structural geology course by Don Stone. A pair of courses on Petra and Geographix will be offered in the spring.