State of The Web

Title: State of The Web

Authors: Bret Siepman and Stewart Squires

Publication: The Outcrop, May/June 2001, p. 36

What began as a mild curiosity for a few has evolved into a daily source of information for many. The Subcrop, RMAG’s website at, has grown up. The Subcrop first went live on the internet in February, 1997. In just over four years, the content has grown from a home page with three subsidiary pages to a home page with 10 subsidiary pages, while site visits have increased from less than 10 hits/day to over 150 hits/day. New functionality and features have made The Subcrop a useful website for RMAG members and others interested in Rocky Mountain geology.

Petroleum Exchange’s redesign of the website last July gave The Subcrop a more contemporary look, enhanced site navigation, and provided new functionality. A few of the more popular new features are the online membership directory, online publication sales, and the oil and gas product-price data that is updated daily. Visitors can go to the “What’s New” area an the Home Page for a quick link to important news and information on upcoming events. Visit this area for the latest on the AAPG Convention in Denver. Online registration for special RMAG events has streamlined the signup process for both the attendees and the RMAG office. The Employment Page, spearheaded and maintained by Steven Goolsby, has growing lists of available jobs, posted resumes, and consultant listings. We have also updated the vendor support aspects of The Subcrop. We provide a continually updated display for website sponsors in the upper right-hand corner of each subsidiary page. Browsers gain immediate access to these sponsors’ websites through a single click of the mouse on the live banner. The Links Page provides an abundant source of additional links to related websites. Other pages, not to be missed, are the Events Page, the Outcrop Page, the Featured Play Page, the About RMAG Page, and the Virtual Field Trips Page. What all of this adds up to is that The Subcrop provides a comprehensive offering of information and function for a wide variety of people interested in the earth sciences or the oil and gas industry.

We, of course, are biased, but if you remain to be convinced of the utility of the RMAG website, don’t take our word for it. Go to Links2go has ranked The Subcrop as the third most effective website in the “Geoscience Societies” category. This could not have been possible without the creativity and hard work of Petroleum Exchange, and the support of the website sponsors.