Luncheon – May 18, 2001

Title: Imaging Deepwater Turbidites: Case Studies from the Jackfork Formation in Arkansas and Lewis Shale in Wyoming

Speaker: by Gerald J. Kuecher, Baker-Atlas Geoscience

Date: Friday, May 18

Publication: The Outcrop, May/June 2001, p. 4

Image logs are a very important tool in the evaluation of subsurface reservoirs. They provide definitive information on the structure and sedimentology of the reservoir. Their cost is small with respect to the information gained in using them.

The case studies we will examine include a behind-outcrop test well in the Lewis Formation in the Washakie Basin near Baggs, Wyoming and a single channel complex from the Jackfork Formation near Little Rock, Arkansas. Image logs calibrated to core show the good vertical resolution of this tool in thin-bedded turbidite reservoirs. A preliminary model for deposition is proposed.