Geo-Note: Creative Memories in Colorado’s Oil Patch

Title: Geo-Note: Creative Memories in Colorado’s Oil Patch

Author: Linda Flis

Publication: The Outcrop, May/June 2001, p. 43

geonoteThis photo is by Joseph B. Sturdevant, who was responsible for many of the photos of Boulder Oil Field, which was discovered in 1901. The caption on this photo states, “This stake was found on the Geo. B. Poor Farm, property of the Boulder Mining Oil and Gas Co., and marked ‘Center Oil Belt’ supposed to have been placed there by Pro. Hayden in his geological survey 1873.” Boulder Oil Field was Colorado’s second oil field. Promoters apparently liberally revised history to help them get wells drilled. RMAG members Matt Silverman and Linda Flis checked all of Hayden’s published reports and found no mention of oil shows near Boulder. Mr. Sturdevant was a colorful character who also was known as “Rocky Mountain Joe.” See related story on page 35. Photo courtesy University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries.