Board of Directors Meetings, January & February 2001

Title: Board Reports

Author: Sue Cluff, RMAG Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2001, p. 14

February Board Meeting

Membership is at 1,666 as of 2/15/2001 (including 42 new members) as compared with 1,630 a year ago. 176 subscriptions of the Mountain Geologist have been renewed. The 3D Symposium is almost full and sponsorship and donationS are strong.

Susan Landon is attending AAPG Leadership Days in February where she will present a report on RMAG activities to AAPG leadership.

As always, the Publication Committee has many projects going on. The guidebook Gas in the Rockies is currently well underway. We anticipate that the book will be on sale at the AAPG convention in June. The committee has also recommended that extra copies of the Outcrop be printed to handout at the RMAG booth at the convention. The board is also considering printing brochures about RMAG for the same purpose. Soon copies of the Mountains and Canyons volume will be selling at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rosemary Bauer has resigned her position in the office. Sandi will be looking for a replacement. If anyone knows of a bright, friendly person who would like to apply, please let Sandi know.

January Board Meeting

Membership is at 1,560 as of 1/23/2001 (including 28 new members) as compared with 1,551 in 1/2000 and 1,583 in 1/1999. Book order forms were included in the membership renewal packets and 70 books were ordered in December. Also included was a survey of membership interests and opinions. Almost 500 surveys were returned — a great response.

The board reviewed financial guidelines that Sandi Pellissier and Kim Parsons prepared last year. Their purpose is to set goals for professional and social activities so that they serve the membership and keep budget goals. We also approved the 2001 budget. We will run two symposia this year, and the Prospect Fair/Technofest, as well as hosting the AAPG national convention this June. RMAG will be sponsoring short courses and field trips and many RMAG members are actively helping to plan the convention.

The office has purchased a new copier to replace our aging machines. This is part of the plan to update the RMAG office and make it a more efficient office.

Randy Ray discussed the 3D Seismic Symposium. It is all set to go on March 2, 2001, with a great lineup of speakers. The board really appreciates the work this committee has done for seven years. The symposium always draws about 500 people from all over the country and is a great asset for RMAG.

The Colorado Geological Survey and RMAG will once more print postcards with the geologic map of Colorado. These should be available from the office and at the AAPG convention.

The Publications Committee has been busy. The Mountain Geologist is working on a special issue on Dinosaur Ridge edited by Martin Lockley.

A policy statement on Public Lands has been prepared for membership comment. Please read Susan Landon’s column in the March Outcrop for more information.