Board of Directors Meeting – March 2001

Title: March RMAG Board Report

Author: Sue Cluff

Publication: The Outcrop, May/June 2001, p. 14

Membership is at 1,860 as of 3/20/2001 (including 57 new members), as compared with 1,666 one year ago. Many books were sold at the 3D Symposium. We have sold 24 copies of the Nevada geologic maps. The 3D Symposium was extremely successful once again, with a registration of 484 people.

So far this year, RMAG finances are strong. Income is ahead of projections in most cases. Sandi has kept our expenses within budget. Our investment account is in company bonds so that stock market antics have not affected our bottom line. The Board would like to add to the reserve fund this year. It is recommended that non-profit organizations hold 2 to 2-1/2 times their annual budget in reserve, but we have not met this goal.

The Board approved an edited version of the Public Lands Policy. A copy of the statement can be found on the RMAG website and elsewhere in this issue of the Outcrop.

Planning is continuing on upcoming events. The Prospect Fair/Technofest will be held October 29, 2001. The Rockbuster’s Ball will be at the Columbine Country Club on November 10, 2001. Jeff Ware presented plans for the RMAG/DGS Golf Tournament, which will be held at the Raccoon Creek Golf Course on Monday, July 23rd, 2001. The Board also approved the sale of golf tournament shirts.

The Board approved a number of publication motions, including the printing of this double issue of the Outcrop, the special issue of The Mountain Geologist featuring Dinosaur Ridge, and the printing of the Gas in the Rockies guidebook. All of these publications should be done by the time you read this.

RMAG has been approached by the Park Service to see if we are interested in publishing a general interest book on national parks and monuments in Colorado. The Utah Geological Society has published a very nice book on Utah that is being sold at the national parks.