2001: An Energy Odyssey AAPG Annual Convention June 3-6, Denver, CO: Letter from the Chairman

Title: 2001: An Energy Odyssey AAPG Annual Convention June 3-6, Denver, CO: Letter from the General Chairman

Author: Stephen Sonnenberg, General Chairman, 2001

Publication: The Outcrop, May/June 2001, p. 1, 6

On behalf of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the 2001 Coordinating Committee, I want to welcome you to the 2001 convention of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, its divisions — the Energy Minerals Division, the Division of Professional Affairs, the Division of Environmental Geosciences — and the SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) in Denver, June 3-6. Denver is the Mile High City, located in a spectacular setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and convention participants can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Rockies. Denver, one of America’s fastest growing cities, offers unique cultural, shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

The theme of our meeting, “2001: Energy Odyssey,” underscores a dynamic period for the hydrocarbon industry. Our energy journey into the 21st century begins with concerns about oil and gas supplies and includes debates regarding the environmental impact of energy exploration and development.

The convention will provide an opportunity for you to continue your education and improve your skills. The technical program has been developed along themes of natural gas, petroleum systems, structure and tectonics, reservoir geology and characterization, depositional systems and stratigraphy, technology, business, and global environmental issues. Over 1000 papers were accepted by the technical program committee. Over half of the presentations will be poster presentations. This year we will feature the new Interactive Electronic Posters and core posters, which will get the geologists “back to the rocks.” Monday afternoon at 5 p.m. will feature the inaugural Michel T. Halbouty lecture by Carolyn Shoemaker who will talk about what may impact us in the future (something out of this world!).

Plan on attending pre- and post-convention field trips or short courses. Optimize your 2001 Odyssey by visiting world-class outcrops of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau. Trips will extend in all directions from Denver and range from one-day excursions to eight-day adventures — odysseys in their own right! We are also offering many new timely short courses. In addition, SEPM will commemorate its 75th anniversary with a 1-1/2-day, pre-meeting symposium titled “Sedimentary Systems in Time and Space — New Horizons.” The symposium comprises invited talks that will address the exciting future directions of sedimentary geology in the 21st century. You do not have to register for the convention to go on field trips or to attend the short courses!

The luncheons for the convention are also exciting. The All Convention Luncheon on Monday will feature “The Global Energy Industry: A View From the New Administration.” The DPA/EMD luncheon on Tuesday will feature Matthew Simmons who will talk on “How We Dig Our Way out of the Energy Crisis.” The DEG luncheon on Wednesday will feature Bernard Bulkin who will present “Sustainability — Making it Real.” The SEPM luncheon on Tuesday will feature Donn Gorsline who will present “New Directions and New Faces: Sedimentary Geology in Transition.”

The exhibition hall will feature more than 300 commercial and non-profit exhibits, the Prospect & Property Marketplace, the International Pavilion, the Career Center, and the Virtual Café. The Prospect & Property Marketplace will feature international and U.S. domestic exploration prospects and producing properties. Plan on attending if you are buying, selling or browsing. A private deal room will again be part of the PPM. The career center will feature the latest on-line job postings, information on prospective employers, job interview schedules, and resumes. Government ministries, commercial and energy-related agencies and national oil companies from all over the world will exhibit at the International Pavilion. We are expecting over 40 countries to showcase their oil and gas exploration and production opportunities. The online version of the International Pavilion can be viewed at the Virtual Café.

Special entertainment will occur on Tuesday evening at Colorado’s aquarium, Ocean Journey. The spectacular views of the Colorado Mountains at sunset and the lights of downtown will add to your enjoyment. Several Colorado Rockies baseball games will also take place during the week. Baseball fans can get information at http://www.coloradorockies.com.

Spouse and family entertainment events are also part of the convention. The activities range from walking tours to dinosaur excursions and are scheduled from Saturday through Wednesday of the convention.

The convention truly has something for everyone. Please join us for a wonderful time. Registration forms, as well as field trip and short course descriptions, are available at http://www.aapg.org.