RMAG Sells Eastern Nevada Geologic Maps

Title: RMAG Sells Eastern Nevada Geologic Maps

Author: Mark Longman

Publication: The Outcrop, March 2001, p. 4

Terrascan Inc., a company run by longtime RMAG member Gene Howard, who died last September, has donated to the RMAG a number of full-color map sets of eastern Nevada. The map sets, printed by Williams and Heintz Map Corporation, consist of three panels, each 42 x 50 inches in size. Two of the panels are surface geologic maps at a scale of 1:2500,000 with surface elevations contoured at 100- to 200-ft intervals. Also shown are cities, major roads, folds, faults, structural axes, all wells drilled through 1987, and measured dip and strike on many outcrops. The third panel shows ten true-scale cross sections along with geologic explanations for each.

Gene spent most of his geological career working [in] Nevada, first for Gulf and later for Tenneco. When he formed Terrascan, he prepared a major report on the geology of eastern Nevada. These map sets were a part of that report. These maps were originally priced at $45 per set, but are currently on sale by the RMAG for just $20. If you are interested in buying a set, please contact the RMAG office at 303-573-8621.