President’s Column – April 2001

Title: How to Make Money and Feel Good

Author: Susan Landon

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2001, p. 3

When was the last time you read a paper in The Mountain Geologist or AAPG Bulletin? When was the last time you attended an RMAG symposium? When was the last time you contributed a paper to an RMAG publication? Most importantly, when was the last time you volunteered to make a difference in your profession?

RMAG depends on volunteers that provide the intellect and muscle that make ideas reality. RMAG does have an office that is efficiently run by Sandi Pellissier, our Executive Director. Usually Sandi has the help of a part-time staff person but, unfortunately, Rosemary has resigned and we are currently beginning to search for a replacement. Fortunately, Sandi’s brother, Shawn, has been able to help Sandi in the office (especially during the frenetic few weeks prior to the 3D Symposium).

As we look back on the successful 3D Symposium, anticipate the AAPG annual meeting in June, and face the opportunity of finding a new person to help Sandi in the office, I have been thinking about the amount of work that RMAG accomplishes with volunteers.

Why are so many of the members willing to donate scarce free hours to an organization like RMAG? I remember my first year with Amoco (you may remember that company from olden days) when Pete Matuszcak was my mentor and friend. He was also President-Elect of RMAG and assumed that I would volunteer to help. Next thing I knew, I was in charge of the House Committee. That was my first experience with giving something back to the profession that had so willingly given me a job after I received my master’s degree. For me it was a doorway through which I met many wonderful people beyond Amoco’s offices. When I decided to leave Amoco many years later, it was the network that began when I was fighting with the old RMAG projectors that made the transition to consulting possible. It also established a pattern in my career of helping myself by helping the geological community when asked. Guess that’s how I have ended up writing these columns for a year. I am honored to have been elected RMAG President and have the opportunity to share my thoughts with each of you.

So, for all of you who work on various RMAG Committees, give papers at the luncheons or symposia, or submit articles for the Outcrop and manuscripts for The Mountain Geologist…Thanks! For the rest of you, consider volunteering some time. Give me (or any Board member) a call, give Sandi at the office a call, or give one of the Committee Chairs a call. There is a job for everyone no matter what talents you possess.

For the pragmatist, some opportunities will provide new consulting work and, for the idealist, you will feel good that you helped your geologic community.