Letter to the Editor – March 2001

Title: Letter to the Editor

Author: Donald G. Burdick

Publication: The Outcrop, March 2001, p. 6

[Editor’s Note: The following letter was forwarded to the Outcrop to garner support for OU’s acquisition of a core collection. The author of the letter asks that you add your support to this effort.]

8 January 2001

Mr. David L. Boren
President, The University of Oklahoma
660 Parrington Oval
Norman, Oklahoma 73019

Dear President Boren:

Last summer many of us in the Tulsa geological community had an opportunity to visit the BP-Amoco Core Storage Facility located here in Tulsa. BP-Amoco has amassed a very impressive collection of rock cores and top quality analysis equipment. These cores represent a multi-million dollar private investment with an irreplaceable research value to our University and industry scientists.

We were very pleased to learn that the University of Oklahoma is exploring the possibility of acquiring this facility from BP and operating it as an element of the Oklahoma Geological Survey. We strongly endorse your efforts to make this acquisition, and offer to assist in any appropriate manner to insure that the necessary funding is provided to maintain and operate the facility. The public acquisition of this facility and its massive core collection represents the best kind of investment for encouraging future economic activity in the State of Oklahoma.

Drill cores represent fundamental data about the rocks that make up the crust of our planet. They are essential for understanding the structure of earth’s crust and will continue to play an important role in the efforts to find new sources of petroleum and natural gas. Geophysicists have developed impressive tools to remotely sense many features of the crust, tools that have revolutionized exploration for hydrocarbons. Drill cores provide the basic calibration of these remote sensing tools. Without access to the rocks contained in drill cores, we would not be able to apply these geophysical tools to find oil or natural gas. Obtaining new core is very expensive. Consequently, preserving existing collections of drill core such as in the BP facility is of great value.

Again, we applaud OU’s effort to acquire the BP Amoco Core Facility in Tulsa. We are confident that this will become an internationally prominent facility under OU’s management. Please let us know how we can assist.


Donald G. Burdick

Donald G. Burdick, MS ’84

Acquisitions Geologist, Vintage Petroleum Councilor
Tulsa Geological Society
P O. Box 129
Tulsa, OK 74101