RMAG Names “Best Paper for 2000”

Title: RMAG Names “Best Paper for 2000”

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2001, p. 16

The RMAG congratulates John C. Osmond. His outstanding paper, “West Willow Creek Field: First Productive Lacustrine Stromatolite Mound in the Eocene Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah” was selected as The Mountain Geologist Best Paper for 2000. This extremely well-written paper, characterizing the nature of the West Willow Creek Field, a stromatolite mound sealed by black shales in the lower part of the Green River Formation, will be of interest to the explorationist, as well as the general geoscientist. John details the stratigraphy, structure, petrology, and petroleum geology of this unique oil and gas reservoir and speculates as to the existence of other such mounds in the Uinta Basin.

This year, as always, the quality of papers published in the Mountain Geologist was high, and the competition keen. We thank the authors for their contribution and hard work, and encourage RMAG members to read all of these interesting papers.

—The best paper selection committee