RMAG Members Honored by AAPG

Title: RMAG Members Honored by AAPG

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2001, p. 16

AAPG has announced their honorees for 2001. A number of RMAG members are among the awardees. Fred Meissner, who was president of RMAG in 1996, will be awarded Honorary Membership. Robert C. Milici of the USGS in Reston, VA, will receive the Michael T. Halbouty Human Needs Award. Clyde H. Moore, Jr., of the Colorado School of Mines, will be honored with the Distinguished Educator Award. Elizabeth B. Campen, of Campen Consultants in Billings, Montana, will receive a Distinguished Service Award. The awards will be presented to the honorees at the AAPG convention here in Denver in June, 2001. Congratulations, everyone!