Board of Directors Meeting – December 2000

Title: December RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Jeanette DuBois

Publication: The Outcrop, February 2001, p. 10

Operational and Financial

The 2001 membership is at 971 as of 12/6/2000, including 21 new members. Response to the dues renewals has been good; second notices will be mailed in a couple of weeks. RMAG financials show a strong 2000 fiscal year, due primarily to successful symposia and events. In 2000, RMAG spent a fair amount of money for office improvement and Website upgrades. A proposal for a new office copier was presented to the Board, followed by a motion to authorize a specified amount for purchase of a copier, and a request that other options be checked prior to purchase. The motion was approved unanimously.

A vote to endorse the Public Lands Policy Statement, co-written by the CO-AIPG Board and Legislation/Registration Commission, was deferred to the 2001 Board due to events expected in the next couple of months which may impact this statement.

The 2001 Budget was reviewed by the 2000 and 2001 boards at this joint board meeting. The new Board will vote on approval of the 2001 budget in January. We have commitments from several companies to buy luncheon chairs. The Committee Chair Financial guidelines were distributed to the boards for review; discussion of these guidelines with the 2000 Treasurer is planned for a future board meeting.

The outgoing RMAG President, Randy Ray, bid farewell and gave thanks to the 2000 Board, and also gave the 2001 Board words of encouragement to be creative, try new things and wished them luck. Susan Landon, the incoming RMAG President, thanked the 2000 Board for being fiscally responsible and for providing a good foundation. The new President summarized goals for the 2001 Board. The office staff, Sandi Pellissier and Rosemary Bauer, were thanked for their dedication to RMAG and for all their efforts in making RMAG successful.

Future Activities

The 2001 RMAG Committee Chair PowWow is set for January 23rd at the Petroleum Club.