Presidents Column – January 2001

Title: Happy New Year

Author: Susan Landon

Publication: The Outcrop, January 2001, p. 1, 5

As I look forward to the next year, personally, I am somewhat intimidated. We will start with a busy few months as we prepare for the AAPG Annual Convention in June. It would be easy to focus on that giant event, but what else will we be doing this year… the next few years? Where else is RMAG headed? What else should RMAG be doing for its members and the profession?

I decided to see what the early leadership of RMAG thought we should be doing and dug out the objectives and purposes of RMAG as stated in the Articles of Incorporation. They are:

  • To promote interest in geology and allied sciences and their practical application;
  • To foster scientific research; and
  • To encourage fellowship and cooperation among its members.

So, how have we been doing with respect to the original objectives and purposes of the Association?

I think, very well, Randy and his Board are to be congratulated on a very busy and prosperous 2000. The activities of RMAG were very broad, and addressed most of the original objectives. “Promote interest in geology, especially applied geology?” Elmo Brown has been working hard to get the Popular Geology Committee up and running; requests for speakers are beginning to come from local schools. “Practical application of geology?” RMAG hosted three successful symposia and a well-attended Prospect Fair/Technofest. We hosted Friday luncheons and distinguished lectures. We reprinted the Compartmentalized Reservoirs book and have two new publications in the wings. The “On the Rocks” field trips continue to attract enthusiastic participants. “Scientific research?” The Mountain Geologist is a well-respected journal. Hosting the AAPG Convention will provide a forum for geologists from the entire world to present their work and discuss their ideas with colleagues from industry, government, and academe. “Fellowship and cooperation?” The Outcrop is full of news of the Association and the profession, with interesting tidbits. The golf and tennis tournaments were eagerly anticipated events. The Rockbuster’s Ball was a gala evening recognizing the contributions made by our award winners.

RMAG is doing a great job at most of the goals established early in our history. As we proceed through the year, I would like to continue to come back to this relatively short, but comprehensive list of objectives and purposes. Where could we do better? My personal crusade, and an area where I believe RMAG could improve significantly, is public outreach: to children, government leadership, and the general public. Having an educated public will have a direct positive impact on our profession and our industries.

How has our world changed? Obviously, our professional boundaries have become broader as we become more integrated in our approach to geology and petroleum exploration and development. I am dedicated to continuing the quality technical education that RMAG has done well this past year.

The new Board has its work cut out for it! We must maintain the activities that have been the foundation of RMAG in a fiscally responsible manner, and build upon those areas where we could do more for our profession. As the year progresses, I look forward to hearing what each of you think RMAG should be doing. Let the work, and the fun, begin! A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!