RMAG 50-Year Members

Title: RMAG 50-Year Members

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2002, p. 16

Based on RMAG’s records there are 28 current members who have been members for at least 50 years. This is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to their continuing support of RMAG. Al Nelson, who is a fifty year member, suggested we look back through the RMAG archives to search for our long time members. He thought it would be a good idea to recognize the geologists who have been in the organization for much of its existence. Although some of our records back into the early 1950’s are incomplete, we think there is sufficient information to indicate that these folks were dues-paying members as early as 1952. RMAG recognized the 50-year members at the Rockbuster’s Ball. Congratulations and thanks again to these folks for their long time commitment to RMAG. It we missed anybody, please call the RMAG office (303-573-5621).

Robert Berg, College Station, TX

Robert Blaha, Aurora, CO

Lewis Braun, Denver, CO

Larry Brundall, Santa Barbara, CA

William Clough, Englewood, CO

Robert Cowdery, Wichita, KS

John Donnell, Littleton, CO

Edward Duckworth, Denver, CO

George Fentress, Arvada, CO

Lloyd Gray, Oklahoma City, OK

John Ivey, Arvada, CO

Max Krey, Grand Junction, CO

Robert McCain, Wheat Ridge, CO

Floyd Miller, Englewood, CO

Robert Munoz, La Jolla, CA

G. Allan Nelson, Denver, CO

Billie Newton, Littleton, CO

Richard Oburn, Plano, TX

Frank Penney, Englewood, CO

John Rold, Lakewood, CO

Charles Severy, Denver, CO

Eugene Shearer, Greendwood Village, CO

Robert Sielaff, Asheville, NC

Frank Sims, Denver, CO

Robert Storch, Denver, CO

Harry Thomsen, Denver, CO

William Thurston, Durango, CO

Frank Tully, Denver, CO