President’s Column – December 2002

Title: President’s Column

Author: John Robinson

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2002, p. 3

As I write my last President’s Column, I think back on the biggest events and most important accomplishments of the organization in the last year. To do that, it is customary to acknowledge all of the hard working people who contributed to RMAG’s success. With 35 different committees, it is a daunting task to try and recognize everyone who was involved in organizing a social or professional activity without running the risk of omitting someone. I would estimate that there are about 100-150 people who serve on committees and run the activities of RMAG throughout the course of a calendar year. And that doesn’t include Executive Director Sandi Pellissier and Administrative Assistant Chris Houston who manage RMAG’s business on a daily basis. Obviously, the association would not be as successful without their contribution. Thanks to all these dedicated folks who volunteered their time and expertise to the Rocky¬†Mountain geoscience community.

It was a pleasure to work with the 2002 Board of Directors. Mark Longman and Pete Varney provided us with sage advice and leadership as counselors. Bob Lamarre created accurate minutes from meandering Board discussions and provided monthly reports to The Outcrop. Ira Pasternack tracked the financial well-being of the organization and kept us focused on our goal of a balanced budget. Bob Cluff reported on the actions of the Publications Committee and provided guidance on the digital publications effort. Ned Sterne introduced the 21 luncheon speakers this year and became infamous for his jokes/skits/monologues/incantations. I will not miss getting emails about Ned’s latest dialogue. I will miss the monthly interaction with these talented people.

So, what was the most important accomplishment this year? It has to be the nine-year high in membership. RMAG ends the year with nearly 2,100 members. How did we reach this level? I believe it was by providing members with professional and social events that they want to be a part of and by publishing books/newsletters/publications they want to read. Although membership dues are a significant part RMAG’s fiscal health, the growth in membership permeates throughout the organization and contributes to the success of every activity or event. So, in a roundabout way, every member contributed to the success of R.MAG this year.

Best of luck to incoming President Bruce Kelso and his new Board of Directors. I hope they have a successful and productive year. I will be watching from the sidelines now as I refocus my attention on some new ideas I’ve been thinking about.