Board of Directors Meeting – October 2002

Title: Highlights of the October RMAG Board Meeting

Author: Bob Lamarre

Publication: The Outcrop, December 2002, p. 9

Membership in the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is at a nine-year high of 2071 members. Our financial position is very strong, with year-to-date income continuing to be higher than anticipated and expenses lower than projected.

Three hundred and twenty people participated in the Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts Symposium on Oct. 1, 2002. By all accounts, this was a very worthwhile and fun event. The editors of the Jonah guidebook are waiting for a few more papers to be submitted. They hope to have the book ready for the AAPG annual meeting in Salt Lake City, next May. Donna Anderson, Kris Peterson, and Terri Olson, editors of the Piceance Basin Guidebook, have 15 authors committed at this time. They plan to have this book ready for the AIPG annual meeting in Glenwood Springs next October.

The Board approved a proposal from the Publications Committee to begin scanning RMAG’s 20,000 pages of historical publications through 1997. The first two CDs will cover papers about the Rockies and rock properties; the first CD should be available for the AAPG annual meeting next may. The Board also approved a proposal from Friends of Dinosaur Ridge to sponsor replacement of three signs at Dinosaur Ridge. RMAG will be acknowledged on the signs.

Paul Lipinski has volunteered to organize a technical session that will be sponsored by RMAG at the AIPG Annual Meeting in Glenwood Springs in October, 2003.