RMAG Fall Gas Symposium – Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts

Title: RMAG Fall Gas Symposium – Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts

Author: Mike Wilson

Publication: The Outcrop, September 2002, p. 1, 6

Plans are coming together for the RMAG Fall Gas Symposium, to be held October 1st at the Denver Marriott City Center Hotel (1701 California Street). The theme this year will be Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts. There is a growing awareness that the era of exploring for conventional structural and stratigraphic traps is winding down, and that a transition is in progress to something very different. Ben Law is preparing a summary talk that will characterize this new exploration style and some of the innovative ideas being developed.

A total of twelve talks have been selected, which will explain new concepts and describe several unconventional gas plays. The keynote speaker will be Bill Barrett, CEO of Bill Barrett Corporation, who will discuss insights and lessons learned during his very successful career as an explorationist and businessman. Vito Buccio and Ted Dyman of the USGS will present updates of their ongoing studies of potential basin center and deep gas plays in several U.S. basins, and Ron Johnson will describe his recent work on the Crazy Mountains Basin. Mike Lewan of the USGS will review recent geochemical research on thermogenic gas generation and the cracking of oil to gas. John Curtis of the Colorado School of Mines will describe recent developments in shale gas exploration, and Ken Bowker will discuss the ongoing Barnett Shale play in the Fort Worth Basin. George Schurr will discuss shallow biogenic methane gas plays, and Randy Ray will review state-of-the-art geophysical exploration methods. There will also be detailed reports on emerging gas plays in the Alberta and Sacramento basins, and a presentation about the Bossier gas play in the onshore Gulf Coast region.

With stories in the newspapers about plans to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein, what better time to gather new exploration ideas and be ready to accelerate your gas exploration program, just in case we have another energy shock in the near future? A new El Niño event appears to be developing, and if that happens, spot gas prices will probably slump for a few months this winter, but drilling, seismic and acreage costs might come down as well. It might be a good opportunity for contrarians to find bargains and make acquisitions. Either way, there is always a need for more exploration in the future. Please mark the conference date on your calendar (October 1, 2002) and plan to attend. A registration form is included on page 22 of this issue. The organizers believe that attendance will surpass the level of the highly successful RMAG Fall 2000 Symposium.

For specific information and details about registration and/or sponsorship opportunities, please contact the RIM,AG office at 303-573-8621.