Colorado Students Receive “Pick” Awards

Title: Colorado Students Receive “Pick” Awards

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2002, p. 23

pickAt the April 19, RMAG Luncheon, the Neil J. Harr Outstanding Student Awards (known as the “Pick” awards), were presented to students from Colorado colleges and universities. From left to right are: Natalie Hook, of the University of Colorado at Denver, Erik Route, from Adams State College, Amanda Ellison, from Colorado State University, Nathaniel Gilbertson, from the Colorado School of Mines, Kevin Kiefer, from Mesa State College, Kimberly Doupe, from the University of’ Northern Colorado, and Susan Riggins, from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Those unable to attend the luncheon were Lauren Tice, of Colorado College, Franklin Dorin, of Ft. Lewis College, and Jan Spurkland, of Western State College.