Board of Directors Meeting, April 2002

Title: Highlights of the April Board Meeting

Author: Bob Lamarre, RMAG Secretary

Publication: The Outcrop, June 2002, p. 14

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is financially healthy and growing its membership base. Current membership is 1921, with 73 new members. Sales of The Mountain Geologist, Gas in the Rockies, and CBM of North America are very strong.

The office computer equipment has been upgraded and has been reported to be much faster and easier to use. The new electronic credit card terminal is being used by the office staff to increase efficiency and reduce credit card transaction costs.

RMAG will sponsor a booth this year at the Annual GSA Meeting in Denver in October and at the RMS-AAPG meeting in Laramie on September 8-11.

The fall symposium, tentatively titled “Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts” has been scheduled for Tuesday, October I, 2002. Ben Law and Mike Wilson are the co-chairs of the organizing committee.

The publications committee is investigating putting past RMAG publications into digital format. They have also committed to a more digital process with current technical publications. As a first step, reprints will be available to authors of papers in The Mountain Geologist in digital, PDF format. See the article on page 15 for additional details.