2002 RMS-AAPG Section Meeting: “The Resource-Full Rockies” Sept. 8-10, Laramie, WY

Title: 2002 RMS-AAPG Section Meeting: “The Resource-Full Rockies” Sept. 8-10, Laramie, WY

Author: Randi Martinsen

Publication: The Outcrop, August 2002, p. 1, 6

The theme of the meeting, “The Resource-Full Rockies,” carries two messages. First, our region is rich in natural resources including petroleum, coal, minerals, forests, wildlife, and incredible scenery. Second, we have often had to be very resourceful to develop and produce our natural resources. In terms of resourceful thinking, Rockies geoscientists are industry leaders. Focused on Rocky Mountain basins, the technical program will highlight new technology, new resources, new thinking, new plays and new synergistic approaches to exploration and production. Because we understand that time is always in short supply, the meeting itself is only two days (Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 9-10). We have left time for people to take part in our pre- and post-meeting activities: three pre-meeting short courses and four pre-meeting field trips, and one post-meeting short course and three post-meeting field trips. This schedule may be pretty ambitious, but we are confident that you will think our short courses and field trips are well worthwhile. After all, this is the Rockies and field trips are our forte!

The Opening Session on Monday morning will feature brief welcoming remarks, an awards ceremony and a series of keynote presentations, including the brand new USGS assessment of Rocky mountain Region oil and gas resources. Following the Opening Session, the All-Convention Luncheon features a talk titled “There’s Gas in Them Thar Hills” by Dr. Scott W. Tinker. As a former Rocky Mountain resident and still-active Rocky Mountain geoscientist, Scott is familiar to many of us and is well recognized for his great science and great talks! Monday afternoon’s technical sessions include three oral sessions: Natural Resource Development: Conflict and Consensus; the Piceance, Uinta and Paradox Basins; and the San Juan Basin. In addition, all-day poster sessions cover topics in the Denver-Julesberg and Raton Basins, Piceance, Uinta and Paradox Basins, and San Juan Basin. Tuesday morning’s oral sessions include: a special joint GSA-AAPG-University of Wyoming session on earth system science (if you don’t know what earth system science is, come to this session and find out); Greater Green River Basin and Overthrust Areas, Part 1 ; and Northern Wyoming and Great Plains Basins. Over lunch, the RMS-SEPM is sponsoring a luncheon that will feature a talk by Dr. Dag Nummedal titled, “The Falling Stage System Tract Exploration and Development.” In the afternoon, sessions include the Greater Green River Basin and Overthrust Areas, Part 2 and the Denver-Julesberg and Raton Basins. All-day poster sessions scheduled for Tuesday will focus on the Greater Green River Basin, Overthrust areas, northern Wyoming and Great Plains basins. At the end of the oral sessions each day there will be mini-breakers in the Exhibits Hall so that everyone can relax, chat about the day’s talks, visit the exhibitors, or examine posters that they didn’t get a chance to view earlier in the day.

Two additional special events are being held in conjunction with the meeting. The first is a K-12 Geoscience Teacher Education Program. Included in this program are multiple workshops geared for elementary and secondary earth science teachers, and a teacher-only field trip, as well as access to our technical sessions. The cost of this program will be minimal. So far the foundations of AAPG, RMS-AAPG and RMAG have all agreed to financially support this program, and additional corporate sponsorship is anticipated. Please get this information out to any K-12 teachers you might know. Interested teachers should contact Jim McClurg (mcClurg@uwyo.edu or 307-742-7402).

The second special event is a Student Expo, or job fair, which is being held Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 10-11. The aim of the Student Expo is to bring together geoscience students from throughout the Rockies, and maybe even some from further away, and various employers of geoscience students including those within the petroleum industry, mining industry, environmental and hydrologic consulting firms, and government. If you think your company might need a new hire or even simply a summer intern for next year, come to the Expo and get access to a wide variety of geoscience students. For more information on how to participate in the Student Expo, contact Jim Steidtman (steidt@uwyo.edu or 307-766-2739) or visit http://www.aapg.org/indexaapg.html.

In case you either didn’t receive or misplaced your meeting announcement and pre-registration brochure you can go to http:// http://www.aapg.org/meetings/rms02/index.html, view the entire program, and download a registration form.

We have a great technical program planned, great field trips and short courses, great social activities, a convenient location, and basically something for everyone, including spouses and other guests. Don’t miss this meeting!