The 3rd RMAG Coalbed Methane Symposium

Title: The 3rd RMAG Coalbed Methane Symposium

Author: Bruce Kelso

Publication: The Outcrop, May 2002, p. 1, 6

What source of natural gas is currently more intriguing than Coalbed Methane? And where else is the thirst for knowledge on this subject more intense than right here in the Rockies? The 3rd RMAG Coalbed Methane Symposium is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th, 2002, and should be one of the premier technical conferences of the year. This one-day symposium will be held at the Denver Marriott City Center Hotel (1701 California Street) and is being co-hosted by RMAG, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC), and GTI.

The geological and engineering subtleties of coalbed reservoirs pose technical challenges to the economical recovery of the vast CBM resources that have been known for years. Our industry has watched and studied the maturing CBM plays of the San Juan, Powder River, Raton, and Uinta basins, with hopes of taking knowledge gained from these basins and applying it to frontier CBM plays. All too often we find that successful technology from one basin is not necessarily the key to success in another basin.

The theme of this year’s Symposium is to provide the latest geological and engineering technology, focused towards successful exploitation of CBM beyond the mature CBM plays. A few of the topics included in this year’s lineup are:

  • The capture and data analysis of coal core and cuttings samples
  • The effects of secondary cleat mineralization on production performance
  • Drilling and completion practices for pilot, development and infill projects
  • Revisiting multi-zone completions techniques
  • Learning from the mature CBM plays and potential applications to frontier plays
  • Recent success and activity in international CBM projects
  • The emerging Canadian CBM play

Mark June 19th on your calendars and plan on attending the 2002 RMAG CBM Symposium along with your geological and engineering industry counterparts. Early inquiries and level of interest in this year’s Symposium lead the organizers to believe that attendance will surpass the level of the highly successful 2000 Symposium.

For Symposium specifics, information on meeting sponsorship, or details on exhibiting at the meeting, contact the RMAG office at (303) 573-8621. For a registration form, see page 23 in this issue, or contact the RMAG office.