RMAG Members Recognized Upon Entering 50th Year As AAPG Members

Title: RMAG Members Recognized Upon Entering 50th Year As AAPG Members

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2002, p. 14

Congratulations to the following RMAG members who were recently honored upon entering their fiftieth year as members of AAPG. They received recognition from Robbie Gries, AAPG President, in the form of a specially designed gold lapel pin with the number 50 superimposed on the AAPG logo.

  • Kaspar Arbenz
  • Kenneth S. Bishop
  • Alexander C. Boardman
  • Douglas R. Callier
  • Gilman A. Hill
  • Paul V. Hoovler
  • John B. Ivey
  • Robert P. Kunkel
  • John P. Lockeridge
  • Morris A. Long
  • John A. Masters
  • Joseph R. Mazzola
  • Clark A. Mueller
  • Adran A. Phillips
  • Richard B. Powers
  • John L. Redmond
  • Frederick H. Reiter
  • James P. Rogers
  • William D. Shea
  • Peter M. Thompson
  • Robert Zinke