On-The-Rocks Field Trips 2002

Title: On-The-Rocks Field Trips 2002: Soft Rocks, Hard Rocks, and History

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2002, p. 19

Experience the diversity of geology in your backyard-marvel at dinosaur tracks, explore historic gold mines, ponder the sloshing of the Cenomanian seas. The On-The-Rocks (OTR) field program is one of the great benefits of RMAG membership. These informal trips provide a way for members and their families to enjoy the outdoors and learn something new. This field trip season offers a variety of topics that will showcase unique and spectacular sites. Mark your calendar and plan to join the fun.

  • Dinosaur Trackway-A Mountain Bike Adventure Along the Purgatoire River
    See article on page 18 for a description of this field trip.
    Trip Leaders: Joanna Wright, Cd Denver, & matt Morgan, Colorado Geological Survey
    May 11, 2002
  • Stratigraphy and Mineralization of the Leadville Limestone, Central Colorado
    An opportunity to view the stratigraphy of the Leadville Limestone at locations from Minturn to Tennessee Pass and discuss the Leadville-hosted mantos and veins of the world-class Leadville and Gilman districts.
    Trip Leader: Scott Hazlit, Leadville Mining and Milling Company
    June 15, 2002
  • On Again, Off Again: The Saga of Cenomanian Seas
    This weekend trip present the sequence stratigraphy of the Dakota near Chama, New Mexico utilizing world-class outcrops. A choice of camping or hotel accommodations will be available to participants.
    Trip Leader: Pete Varney, Metro State College
    July 20-21, 2002
  • Kimberlite Pipes of the Chicken Park Area, State Line District, Colorado
    Visit the Chicken Park Kimberlite Pipes; examine their setting, mineral assemblages, vegetation, and mineral indicators. The trip includes a field guide. Trip Leader: Dan Hausel, Wyoming Geological Survey
    August 24, 2002
  • Gold in the Rocks
    A one-day trip that will present mining methods, geology, mineralogy and history of the Freeland-Lamartine and part of the Idaho Springs mining districts. A detailed field guide will be included.
    Trip leader: Beth Simmons, Metro State College; Edgar Mine leader: David Mosch, Colorado School of Mines; Phoenix Mine Leader: Al Mosch
    September 21, 2002
  • Structures of the Northeast Flank of the Front Range
    Trip Leader: Vince Matthews, Colorado Geological Survey
    October, 19, 2002