March Seminar on Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs Draws a Crowd

Title: March Seminar on Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs Draws a Crowd

Author: Terri Olson

Publication: The Outcrop, April 2002, p. 14

Core Laboratories presented a free one-day symposium on low permeability gas reservoir evaluation and completion in Denver on March 5, 2002. A large number of local companies were represented, with attendees from Alberta Energy, Anschutz, Devon, EOG, Forest Oil, Key Petroleum, Lario, Patina, Petrogulf, Repsol YPF, Stone, Tom Brown, Western Gas, Westport, Whiting, and Williams. The symposium appealed to a crass section of disciplines, drawing 80 geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, and production and drilling engineers. Keith Hudson, Senior Technical Advisor for CoreLab and chief organizer of the event, noted “It was very difficult to focus the subject matter appropriately for all disciplines.” He was pleased at the depth of technical interest, but said he has learned to split out topics by interest areas in future symposia.

Presentations were made on petrophysical characterization and reservoir quality, water saturation determinations, permeability vs. saturation, rock mechanics, case histories, completion engineering topics, permanent downhole monitoring, and completions tracer applications. The seismic case history on integration of petrophysics and geophysics for lithology, fluid, and fracture prediction in tight reservoirs was augmented by posters, giving participants a chance to examine one topic in more detail.