President’s Column – July 2002

Title: RMAG – A Mid-Year Update

Author: John Robinson

Publication: The Outcrop, July 2002, p. 3, 5

RMAG membership is running flat to last year, which is very good because last year RMAG gained many new members at the AAPG convention. The Board of Directors has met monthly and attendance has been excellent considering how busy our board members are with other activities.

Ira Pasternack, RMAG Treasurer, reports that our financial position for FY 2002 is good. Dues, book sales and symposia provide the bulk of the annual revenue to the organization. With two of the “Big Four” meetings successfully completed (3D and CBM) we are on target to have a balanced budget. Registration for the upcoming Fall Symposium and Prospect Fair/Technofest will determine whether the budget will hold up. Steve Reynolds, Chairman of the Finance Committee, has wisely guided RMAG into long-term investments that will provide income to the organization for many years.

Ben Law and Mike Wilson are organizing this year’s Fall Symposium entitled Innovative Gas Exploration Concepts. It is scheduled for October 1st – register early and often for this popular meeting.

Friday luncheon attendance has been excellent. This is due the efforts of Greg Carlson, Luncheon Program Chair, who has organized a program of good speakers with interesting topics.

The On-The-Rocks field trip program constructed by Fred Mark and Sandra Mark looks like the best ever for this summer program. Reports from attendees on the trip to the Purgatory River dinosaur trackway were outstanding. Register for these trips early – I have a feeling they will be well attended.

The Publications Committee, under the leadership of Elmo Brown, has been very busy. The second CBM volume, edited by Steve Schwochow and Vito Nuccio, was released in March and has already paid out production costs. A new RMAG-DGS Membership Directory, prepared by Hal Kellogg, will be available in July. New guidebooks on Jonah Field (John Robinson and Keith Shanley co-editors), Piceance Basin (Donna Anderson and Laura Levorsen co-editors), and Geology of the Colorado Parks (Pete Varney) are in preparation for 2003 and beyond. The committee is working on a long-term project to get all RMAG publications scanned and posted on the RMAG website. They are also working on methods to provide digital publications, such as The Outcrop (Jane Estes-Jackson and Terri Olson, co-editors) and Mountain Geologist (Michele Bishop outgoing editor and Donna Anderson incoming editor), to members who prefer this technology.

Larry Anna, Chairman of the Public Issues Committee, has taken an active role in responding to misinformation from the local press concerning the multiple uses of public lands. He was instrumental in crafting a letter to the Denver Post concerning their editorial on coalbed methane development.

On the social calendar, the Golf Tournament (Jeff Ware) was larger than ever (over 280 hackers). The Tennis Tournament (Ken Parrott) was recently scheduled for August 23rd.

In addition, RMAG has provided financial support to the upcoming 50th year celebration of RMAGA, sponsored the May 25th Dinosaur Discovery Days at Dinosaur Ridge, attended the AIPG Legislative reception in February, and will co-sponsor two Distinguished Lectures with the Denver Geophysical Society in August.

All of these events are accomplished with the capable assistance of the RMAG office (Sandi Pellisier and Chris Houston). We appreciate the hard work of all these folks who contribute to the ongoing success of RMAG. They have accomplished much – and it’s only July!