2002 RMAG/DGS Directory

Title: 2002 RMAG/DGS Directory
Publication: The Outcrop, March 2002, p. 16

This is an even numbered year, so the biennial effort to publish a joint RMAG and DGS directory is already underway. The 2002 Directory will include more information than ever before.

The 1998 directory included for the first time the FAX numbers and e-mail addresses of those members who had reported these to the RMAG office. This year we plan to add company FAX numbers and e-mail addresses, where they differ from those listed for the member’s home, The percentage of our members who have listed e-mail addresses with the RMAG continues to grow.

In the 2000 Directory, we included in the RMAG Companies section those academic and government organizations employing RMAG members. This was appreciated by our members, especially the 6.3% of our members who are so employed.

RMAG had intended that a file of members’ photographs in digital format be accumulated, starting two years ago, so that eventually a photo directory could be published. This did not happen, largely because no one willing to take charge of the project could be found. Until someone is found with the dedication of someone like Jack Rathbone, who was RMAG’s Official Photographer for many years, no photo directory will be forthcoming. (Any volunteers, for 2004?)

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the first RMAG/DGS directory of the third millennium. The 2002 Directory will be available for sale to members in late June. Ordering information will appear in the April Outcrop. The Directory will be prepared from information in RMAG’s membership database. All revisions and additions to individual data files must be in the RMAG and DGS offices by April 30, 2002, for inclusion in the directory.

As has been the case in past years, the Directory will carry full-page advertisements on the outside back cover, and on the insides of both covers. Ads of various sizes, including business cards, will be interspersed with the listings. Details of advertising rates and copy formats will be found elsewhere in this issue of The Outcrop. Camera-ready copy for all advertising material must be in the RMAG office, and paid for, by May 20, 2002.

The RMAG/DGS Directory, with its handy spiral binder, is a necessity for members and others in the geoscience professions. Of the approximately 2000 RMAG members who will be listed in the 2002 Directory, about 15% will be new members since the last directory, and well over 50% of the remaining entries will have new contact information. According to DGS President Margi Oldani, similar statistics apply to the DGS membership.