Outstanding Scientist Award 2002

Award: Outstanding Scientist Award 2002
Awardee: L.T. Grose
Citation Published in: The Outcrop, November 2002, p. 9-10

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2002 Outstanding Scientist Award to L.T. Grose in recognition of his contributions to the geological sciences and education.

L. T. Grose has had an eminent career as a geologist and as an educator. Field research has taken him and his students to areas from the Rocky Mountains to the west coast. Trobe worked for Texaco mapping oil structures in Wyoming, as a consultant researching phosphate deposits in Peru and Australia, and evaluating geothermal potential and neo-tectonics of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada and elsewhere. The work was supported by state and national agencies and industry.

Trobe is best known for the courses he taught at the Colorado School of Mines in structural geology, advanced tectonics, and field geology (his first love and dedication). His interests cover all aspects of basic and applied geology, and the results of his research have been conveyed through a long history of publications and lectures. He has been active in geological societies and was President of the Colorado Scientific Society in 1967.

Trobe served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and then completed BA and MA degrees in geology at the University of Washington. After receiving a PhD from Stanford, he accepted a position at Colorado College. He taught at Colorado College for ten years before moving to the Colorado School of Mines. Although now retired, Trobe’s transitional appointment at the Colorado School of Mines allows him to continue a life-long dedication to teaching and influencing the careers of students and colleagues.

In recognition of contributions to the geological sciences and education, the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its Outstanding Scientist Award to Dr. L. T. Grose.