Luncheon – October 4, 2002

Title: Searching for Overpressured Frontier Formation Gas in the Washakie Basin or Geochemistry, The Next Exploration Tool
Speaker: Roger Dickinson
Date: October 4, 2002
Publication: The Outcrop, October 2002, p. 4

In 1991, Texaco and Union Pacific Resources drilled the Table Rock Unit #104 well that discovered significantly overpressured gas in the Frontier Formation sandstone on the northern end of Table Rock Field, Wyoming. This well demonstrated the potential for high gas flow rates and pressures but was determined to be draining a limited area. The challenge then became the search for larger areas that were charged with gas in the Frontier Formation.

In 1994, Texaco conducted a microseep survey over a 25-sq. mi. area, northeast of Table Rock Unit #104. The data from the survey were processed to give a regional perspective, and combine three different light hydrocarbon gases into one composite map. Subsequent to the survey, four wells were drilled in the area. We will review how the survey did in predicting the final status of these four wells. In addition, the implications for searching for additional areas of overpressured gas in the Greater Green River Basin using geochemistry will be discussed.