Journalism Award 2002

Award: Journalism Award 2002
Awardee: Martin Lockley
Citation Published In: The Outcrop, November 2002, p. 10

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents its 2002 Journalism Award to Martin Lockley in recognition of his research and publications educating the public about dinosaur life interpreted from the fossil record.

Martin Lockley is currently a Professor of Geology and curator of the CU Denver Fossil Footprint collection. He received a PhD in geology and paleontology from Birmingham University in England and held a research appointment at Glasgow University in Scotland prior to taking a position at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Lockley has authored five books, including The Eternal Trail (2000) and Tracking Dinosaurs (1991). He has also published more than 150 scientific papers on fossil footprints. His special interest is in writing user-friendly guidebooks. He is a co-founder and board member of Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, for whom he has written A Field Guide to Dinosaur Ridge.

His research activities are complemented by his enthusiastic efforts to satisfy public curiosity and to promote education through his publications. In recognition of his accomplishments, the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists presents Martin Lockley with its 2002 Journalism Award.